Family Woods Walks

We firmly believe in the benefits to the Bright Little Buttons of exploring the great outdoors, whatever the weather, throughout the year. Regretfully our early outings to the woods became unsustainable as our numbers of Bright Little Buttons expanded. As there was only one bus back from the woods an hour, on our last nursery outing it was a close call as to whether we would all fit on board!

Our parents’ committee, the Bright Big Buttons, were as sad as us to remove this wonderful experience from the Bright Little Buttons and thus our family woods walks began.

The family woods walks are open to all current and former Bright Little Buttons and are held every six weeks, in line with equinox and cross-quarter days to enable the children to get a sense of the changing seasons. 


To this end, we attend the same area of woodland and observe changes in the environment as we walk to an open space where the children are free to range, explore, climb and balance in the woodland together… 

…or join in a seasonal nature-based craft or physical activity before having a hot chocolate and brioche, and then heading home feeling invigorated and happy.


What our families are saying

I was nervous sending sending her to nursery with people I didn’t know. But such a friendly nursery and the family woods walk meant I got to know them quickly. She adores it there and calls staff and children her friends. The way she constructs sentences and her range of vocabulary has progressed so quickly. Lovely nursery, I could go on but I expect you all getting bored now. Definitely 5 stars +

“We love the woods walks! It’s great to spend time outside exploring and discovering, building dens, learning about nature, and doing some seasonal crafts and activities. And who doesn’t love an outdoor hot chocolate and a bun?! Whatever the weather, the woods walks are always a firm favourite, and a wonderful way to mark nature’s cycles in the turning year.”

Are we going to the woods today?

(H, aged 4)

Come Visit Us

The best way to see what it is like at Bright Little Buttons is to come and take a look yourself.

Visits last approximately one hour, during which time we will show you around our nursery and explain our Montessori approach.

Due to restrictions on allowing people into the nursery at this time, we can currently only offer appointments for show rounds after our nursery children have gone home. As a result our appointments are scheduled for 3:45pm on Mondays and Thursdays.