About Us

The story so far…

Bright Little Buttons has been open since January 2012 and is run by husband and wife team, Nick and Rachel, alongside Rachel’s daughter, Holly, with the support of a committed, mixed-age staff team.

Nick and Rachel’s eyes met across the classroom in the Montessori nursery school his mother ran and Holly attended as a small child, and there the story of Bright Little Buttons begins…
Nick completed his Montessori training and went on to run a Montessori nursery and elementary school in Lancing before spending time managing Heritage Montessori Nursery in Worthing.

Rachel spent time at home raising their son, Mani, before joining Nick in Lancing, running the nursery class and then becoming a nursery teacher at Heritage Montessori where she had previously helped for a year as a teenager whilst undertaking her BTEC Nursery Nursing course.

Holly’s career began at the age of 5 when she would leave the elementary class to help teach in the nursery! 

She went on to join Bright Little Buttons in 2013 as an apprentice and continued her studies alongside her work until 2018 when she completed a degree in Early Childhood Studies… but I digress!

As Holly and Mani grew older and more independent, Rachel and Nick decided that it was time to utilise the skills and experience they had accrued over the years to open their own nursery school following Montessori principles, Bright Little Buttons.
Today Bright Little Buttons welcomes a wide variety of families from throughout the Worthing area to both their nursery school and Summer Holiday club.

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