A day at Bright Little Buttons

Our top priority for all children entering the nursery is that it is a happy and positive experience for them, which will play a part in helping to instil both the confidence to operate independently within a group and a lifelong love of learning.

8:30 – 9:00

The children say goodbye to their parents/carers, hang up their coats and bags and come into the classroom. The children then usually greet one another and share any news before choosing their first activity, which they use until satisfied, tidy and then put away.

This pattern of independent work continues throughout the session, possibly interspersed with time outside in the garden, a snack, listening to a story, watering the plants, doing a painting or having a brief one to one lesson with an adult or older child.


Is group time where we come together to call the register, discuss the morning, sing, use instruments, share a story, develop our project and say goodbye to the children who leave at 12.

We then all pop to the loo and wash our hands before sitting down to a packed lunch.

12:00 – 12:30

We sit together at tables and enjoy our lunches together before packing away and either going out to play in the garden or returning to activities in the classroom.

12:30 – 3/3:30

During the afternoon session, there is space for the children to relax with a book and rest if they need to, or they can continue with their own work as in the morning or join in a group activity if they prefer.

Come Visit Us

The best way to see what it is like at Bright Little Buttons is to come and take a look yourself.

Visits last approximately one hour, during which time we will show you around our nursery and explain our Montessori approach.

Due to restrictions on allowing people into the nursery at this time, we can currently only offer appointments for show rounds after our nursery children have gone home. As a result our appointments are scheduled for 3:45pm on Mondays and Thursdays.